SafeDate Sign Up Tour

Ronna Burton is proud to be involved with such a revolutionary project, the SafeDate App is a new way to assure personal, mobile security in an age where connections are easily formed through technology. As a mobile application, SafeDate serves as a personal alert to your most trusted contacts, forming a SafetyNet in the event of a dangerous, unexpected situation. It will send your SafetyNet all the information required to respond to a serious incident, otherwise it is kept confidential.

Ronna is working very closely with Polybia Studios and believes it will be a huge success, “When I first was told about the app and how it works, I was blown away at its simplicity and effectiveness!” Ronna explains. The promotion of the app is one of the aspects Ronna has been involved in, she flew to Los Angeles at the end 2015 to meet with the record producer and film producer for the SafeDate Commercial. Liaising with the team and styling the commercial with custom Ronna Burton designs. When asked about the trip, Ronna said “it was an incredible experience and opportunity, meeting with such well respected professionals and being able to contribute to such a big project has just been so surreal."

To promote the app, Polybia Studios and Tautachrome Inc. (U.S Parent Company of Polybia) have decided to do a sign up tour at numerous universities in both Australia and planning to tour the United States. As the Polybia team are all graduates from Bond University, it was only natural to start with the prestigious campus first. The response from the female students and staff in particular have been very positive and encouraging. With the promotional team explaining the benefits and common relatable scenarios to people to show them how the app can be incorporated into your everyday life and become safer in doing so, it is very apparent that there is a niche market for this type of mobile safety. Ronna has been very passionate about the venture, she designed and made the uniforms, helped organise the promotion, as well as hitting the pavement herself. She is personally speaking with students and teachers about the app and says - “I have always tried to be smart about my safety and the safety of my friends and family. If I put a girlfriend in a cab, I ALWAYS take down the cab number, or even if I am walking to my car at night, I try to be aware of my surroundings, but if something happens you don’t have time to write a message or make a call about where you are, the situation or where you have been. SafeDate takes care of that for you! It’s simple, private and instant, there is nothing else like it and I am a huge fan of women looking out for each other, which is one of the reasons why it is such a privilege for me to be a part of something so innovative and contributive to society."