The Collection - "The Modern Marilyn"

Ronna Burton’s first collection was inspired by the 1950’s era and the iconic women of that time such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and of course Marilyn Monroe. Ronna’s design aesthetic naturally incorporates classic and feminine silhouettes that embrace women’s curves. Her unique style contains both structure and fluidity, with inspiration from architectural structures and the natural movement of beautiful fabrics.

This collection has been a very personal milestone for Ronna, “It’s a little nerve wrecking putting yourself out there for everyone to judge, it’s only natural to feel a little nervous as to how people will react to something so personal to you, but I guess you just have to make sure you know in yourself that you have done your best and just take the leap” says the designer about the release of her The Modern Marilyn Collection.

Refusing to give into trending designs, Ronna wants women to wear what makes them feel empowered and beautiful regardless of what society deems ‘in fashion’. This collection is also designed to make looking fabulous, effortless. By combining a simple slip or jeans you can complete a sophisticated and casual look. However pairing an item with heels will allow you to carry a look throughout the day and go straight into the night with ease. Knowing that a majority of women have demanding schedules, there have been many considerations taken into account during the design process to make the collection versatile and simple to wear without compromising the design integrity of a Ronna Burton piece.


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