The Woman Behind the Label

From a young age Ronna grew up in what some would call a typical girly upbringing. Participating in modelling classes, dancing classes and developing a natural instinct to love shopping. Her family would say she was definitely the princess of the family. However, Ronna wasn't all tiaras and tutus, growing up with older brothers she was introduced to basketball, football, karate and many other sports and activities that would bring her a little more down to earth, broaden her mind and help her develop a thicker skin.

Ronna was (occasionally still is) a very stubborn girl, whatever she wanted to do, she would do, and if she wanted something there was nothing stopping her. A quality that has been both a nightmare (for her parents and family) and a blessing for her, as it drove her to achieve many things and encounter many opportunities in her young adult life. When Ronna was 19 she started her first company, by 20 she was married and at 21 became a mother. She moved across county and rebuilt her life. After the breakdown of her marriage and coming to a crossroads in her life, Ronna decided to go back school and begin the journey to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming a Fashion Designer.

At a young age Ronna discovered she had a natural intuition for design. Creating unique interpretations from any form of inspiration. She had found she was in her element in school and with the help of some talented, nurturing teachers and mentors she excelled in her pursuit to become a fashion designer.

Ronna wanted to build a label that empowers and celebrates women. Ronna explains, “I want women to embrace themselves and to feel fearless. The way a woman feels about herself can be magnified by what she sees in the mirror there and then. A dress, a lipstick shade, or a simple hairdo has the ability to effect a woman’s attitude and can enable her to believe she has the strength to take on the world. As most women know, it’s all in the details. By flirting with contradicting elements throughout my design process and incorporating a little drama to keep things interesting, it provides masses of inspiration to produce original design details that can ignite confidence and delivers a unique but classically elegant and sophisticated piece women can rely on for years to come.”

Ronna Burton (2015)

Ronna Burton (2015)