The Label

The woman who wears Ronna Burton is intelligent, she is conscious of her place in the world and unapologetic. She has the balance of a classical demeanour with the mind of a modern day CEO, giving her the best of both worlds, the class of Grace Kelly with the appreciation of modern contemporary art. She appreciates the unique, intricate yet simple design details. She is feminine and revels in all that is woman.

While sometimes her style can be understated, she has no troubles crossing into show stopping designs and figure hugging dresses with the confidence to walk into a room and own all the heads she knows she turns. This woman has a loyal army of friends, she is independent, adventurous and an aura that hints mischievous. She loves relaxing by water, traveling and experiencing different cultures. She’s highly sociable and always on the top of the guest list. However her need for balance in her life gives her the urge to look after the relationship she has with herself. A good bubble bath, or a cheese platter alone whilst lazing around reading a book. Or even a hike through nature to her favourite waterfall to recharge her lively spirit. She has a strong moral fibre, and is fiercely protective of her own. She oozes sex-appeal, class and poise all at the same time.

This woman is a force to be reckoned with.